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We understand the importance of maintaining your brand image. With new online casinos continually emerging, keeping your users engaged is vital. Reactivation Group has over 55 years of combined sales experience. We understand what it takes to reactivate your latent users.

We help iGaming operators unlock their potential and maximize their customer database. Through our reactivation and sign up calls we bring life to your dormant database and convert your non-depositing sign ups to NDC:s, enabling iGaming operators to reach conversion rates they didn´t think were possible.


We will, during the coming years, build a company that has a vision and is renowned as the industry leader in retention and reactivation. It is more cost effective to retain old customers than to conquer new ones, and we are going to help iGaming companies, rather than leaving them to flounder alone at higher cost and with worse results.


We’re a company that supports the online gaming industry with their retention and reactivation. We work with both small and large companies, and we always go the extra mile to help our clients minimise their churn. We continually seek new ideas regarding how to improve, achieving better retention for us and our partners.



Today, gaming companies definitely have difficulty keeping up with retention and reactivation activities. The number of betting companies is constantly increasing. There is a new reality emerging daily, and the marketing-related cost of acquiring new users and seducing clients from one other rises every day. This means an equally consistent decrease in proportionally lower and lower margins for them.

Until now, things have gone incredibly well for every single betting company. As a consequence, marketing managers didn’t need to put that much effort into their retention and reactivation activities. But with tougher competition and more stringent regulations, it has become vital for iGaming companies to re-evaluate their work with retention and reactivation.


We constantly purse and trial new creative ideas that have potential to change and improve the industry, both for us and our partners.


We always act with the highest level of honesty, courage, integrity and competence.


We are specialists and passionate about what we do. With an ambitious but flexible mindset, we deliver products and services of the highest quality whatever the circumstances.

Our team

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We offer our clients four different campaigns and services. The core business for us and our clients will be reactivation. Most companies struggle with huge churn and maintaining the players who are active on their sites. We believe that this is largely due to lack of communication with the players. We not only offer a huge conversion rate on churned customers, but also provide the information about their players necessary for building strategies in the future.

Reactivation calls

The biggest issue for iGaming companies is to keep their casino players active. In this industry, churn rates of up to 80% after just one month are common with new deposit players. Traditional CRM work can always assist in controlling churn figures, and you can reach out to more players simultaneously. But to reactivate a player after 6 months via SMS or email is proven to be very hard. We have proven sales technology that offers a competitive retention rate. All our sales agents boast a long history in business development, and we can proudly say we have the best team in the industry.

Sign up calls

NRC; newly registered customers. Many players sign up on casino sites without making a first deposit. We help our clients to boost their NRC numbers with a proven, successful strategy that converts 10-25% of the sign-ups to depositing players. We will also, in conjunction with this welcome call, provide our partners with information about the players that can be used for future CRM work.

Customer- and VIP support

Reactivation Group handles CS and VIP service towards our partners for the Nordic region, the UK and Australia. We offer our partners customer support, payment and fraud CRM and VIP agents as well. We cover Norway, Finland, Sweden, the UK, Australia and Germany today, but can look into other markets on request. Customer support, payment and fraud agents can be provided 24/7, Monday-Sunday.


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